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15 Queen Street

CO1 2PH Colchester, United Kingdom

We are a creative membership hub based in Colchester. Providing affordable desk space for a broad range of creatives.
Take your own studio space, share a desk or co work from the building. We're currently home to over fifty creative businesses.
We also host events, workshops, house a donation library and an informal meeting room..

Managers at 15 Queen Street

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Why coworking at 15 Queen Street?

  • I Coworking at 15 Queen Street

    I get to work with others, be inspired and chat with fabulous people!

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    I Coworking at 15 Queen Street

    I have been working from fifteen Queen Street when it first set up two years ago. It’s a real joy to continue to meet so many interesting, friendly and creative people. The work that has developed from the building has really help Colchester become an exciting place to live – from the Colchester Free Festival, Hidden Kiosk Project to the ever growing list of events held here: Colchester Poetry, Stitch & Bitch, WriteNight and Film Colchester... I look forward to watching it continue to grow!

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    I Coworking at 15 Queen Street

    Colchester has been crying out for something to bring the creative community together for a long time. fifteen Queen Street has done an amazing job of bringing Colchester's creatives out of the wood work and has spawned some amazing stuff.

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