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Avila Coworking-Lisboa

Av. Republica, 6, 7 Esq, 1050-191 Lisboa, Portugal

Located at Av. da República, close to Saldanha, Lisbon, it is a wide and quiet space, where several companies and professionals work, occupying one or more work stations, using the support of a professional secretariat, meeting and work rooms.
The Avila Coworking occupies a modern offices building with reception, in a corporate and at the same time informal environment. Small companies, executives and freelancers occupy the same space, share contacts, establish synergies, but value also each others privacy. As an option, the Avila Coworking offers also the most complete virtual office service in the market: secretariat support with phone attendance, mail management and online reports through the myOffice app, a virtual office mobile app available for iOs (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices.
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