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c/o trafodesign

Konkordiastr 20, D-40219 Dusseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

We love to work in teams. We love brand design. Therefore let's get connected. We're offering up to 5 workingspaces (desk, chair… all you need, even a Mac) and of cause all, an office needs – WIFI, kitchen, meetingroom – all for your own work or even in cooperation.

We offer daily (25 €) / weekly (80€) or monthly (250€).

in the area of 200–400 m…
Rhein, Altstadt, Königsallee, Bilk (Lorettostraße)

Managers at c/o trafodesign

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We work here:

  • Thomas Weltner requested
    Communication Designer, Artist, Networker, Entrepreneur