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Cluster Studios

3881 N. Steele St. Unit B, 80205 Denver, United States

Cluster Studios is a co-working community that provides it's members with an inspiring environment to be productive and creative. Co-Working, Dedicated Office Suites, Photo Studio, Event Space.

Cluster Studios is a 12,000 square foot facility that is one of Denver’s first and largest creatively inspired co-working spaces. Cluster Studios is second home to a variety of innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses that find ways to collaborate, be highly productive, and share knowledge. It sets a grand stage for any individual or business seeking an inspiring work environment and becoming a member of a progressive community. Members have the option of participating in our unique co-working program that we will be launching in Sept of 2013. Our facility also functions as a professional photo studio and smashing Event Center. Call or email us anytime to learn more about our co-working program and how to become a member of our community. We offer memberships on monthly terms with the option of a seat, station, or dedicated suite.

Cluster Studios is welcoming membership applications to join one of our process focused co-working clusters. Each cluster is curated to focus on specific industries and is comprised of individuals with various disciplines that compliment, inspire, and create synergy amongst it's members. Our program includes clusters for creative, tech, or product driven movers and shakers. If your discipline does not fit within one of these categories please inquire about our nomad cluster.

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