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CoBiz Coworking Space

6445 S. Tenaya Wy., Ste. 120, 89113 Las Vegas, United States

Our beautiful space launched May 15, 2012 with the support of our community! We are fully self funded and looking for great people who want to contribute to this great community of coworkers!

Managers at CoBiz Coworking Space

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Why coworking at CoBiz Coworking Space ?

  • I Coworking at CoBiz Coworking Space

    I was struggling with making significant progress on my book. My home office is fab...but I needed a place to go every day where I could write without distraction...found CoBiz...found new friends too! Perfect place to write!

  • I Coworking at CoBiz Coworking Space

    i love creating community with great people who are looking for a place to work, collaborate, share and give back! Happy to have @JuddLillestrand , @PhoneCaseOfTheM , @CubicFrogApps and 8 others coworking with us!

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    I am a community builder and coworking space owner in Las Vegas, Nevada...proving great things ar...