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418 South Howes Street, 80521 Fort Collins, United States

Cohere is a shared office space & coworking community for freelancers and remote workers in Fort Collins, Colorado. We keep weird hours.

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Why coworking at Cohere?

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    I Coworking at Cohere

    because this was my very first coworking space. I visit all the time! The community is second to none, and you can't get much better than sunny Fort Collins.

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    I Coworking at Cohere

    because the people there make me smarter!

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    I Coworking at Cohere

    Because the great experiences that are shared between coworkers - from client horror stories to how to structure contracts and negotiate, rookie level mistakes can be prevented if you only ask.

  • I Coworking at Cohere

    Because it's a physical space that brings together awesome helpful people who want to be independent together!

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