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Internet Media Labs

122 West 26th, 4th & 5th floor, 10001 New York, United States

#TheLabNYC is a collaborative co-working community for startups, entrepreneurs, innovative technology companies, LabChats & events. Home for knowledge-seekers and out-of-the-box thinkers passionate in their quest to effect change through creativity. Our events and #Labchat series are focused on bringing together thought leaders and doers in a collaborative learning environment.

2 floor media facility in the heart Chelsea consisting of private offices, open desk space, conference rooms, and a 1000 sqft photography / video studio w/ 20' x 20' corner cyc wall (12' ceilings). Desk space is $500/person, and we have enclosed offices that are between $2.000 and $4,000. All is done per person per month, so it depends on the number of people in your company.

One floor is mostly early stage tech companies and the other has the photography and video companies. We would love to have either industry come in and look for ways to collaborate. Finding synergies is big to us and only add to the environment and energy in the space.
Facility consists of various tech companies including Splash That, Venture Beat, SpreeCast, Zady, and Great Oaks Venture Capital.

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