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1980 Sherbrooke West, H3H 1E8 Montreal, Canada

Hello freelancers, entrepreneurs, designers & marketers, we’re inviting you all to come take a peak at our office and see if you’re interested in working in our shared-space. We have over 50 seats available, a full kitchen for that moment you get a little hungry, workout room with bench press for the fitness buffs, your choice of shared desk, single desk, standing desk, even some sofas for extra comfort

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Why coworking at Jobbook?

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    I Coworking at Jobbook

    Amazing space with 2 story ceilings helps me get my gears going. Surrounded by passionate entrepreneurs for cross polination. The cherry on top? Indoor Basketball court...

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    I Coworking at Jobbook

    Because of the bright people and the open space, it really gives room and creates and environment where ideas can grow.

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    I Coworking at Jobbook

    All about sharing proactive energy and creative thoughts! Also an opportunity to play a little bball :)

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    I Coworking at Jobbook

    THe office is huge, and the atmosphere is great! Very relaxed, but equally professional!

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    Co-founder of Jobbook Inviting entrepreneurs and freelancers to join our amazing open space
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