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La Commune

2-266 Saint-Paul Est, H2Y 1G9 Montréal, Canada

La Commune is an enterprise cooperative for technology startups located in Montréal's Old Port. We are established in a beautiful stone and wood building built in 1840. Our goal is to get entrepreneurs out of their garage and into beautiful spaces for the minimal cost. Our philosophy is that collaboration is one of the key drivers to achieve success, along with working in inspiring spaces that attract incredible people.

Managers at La Commune

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Why coworking at La Commune?

  • I Coworking at La Commune

    Because it's an symbiotic ecosystem of altruistic entrepreneurs, amazing freelancers and effervescent startups. Great meals, great minds, great meetings... all of that within a nearly two century old place made built with as much heart as we are today building the next generation of successful startups. Come by and see by yourself!

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    I Coworking at La Commune

    We have such a great space in the heart of old Montreal with an amazing community who love to help each other. The vibe we create really makes the environment an amazing place to work and be creative.

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  • I Coworking at La Commune

    How two guys named Brendan & Brendan and their partners HappyBox entered our startup coop and exited 6 months later with a 14 people team! The two first of many new businesses we'll help move up, thanks for their recognition! Read their story here:

  • I Coworking at La Commune

    Because it's the perfect place to work hard AND party hard! ;)

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    I Coworking at La Commune

    I just started sharing my space two weeks ago and already am welcoming the first startups!

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  • I work here at La Commune as a coordinator (and one of its amazing startup member as well). My ro...
  • Nick Iversen requested
  • Alexandre Grenier requested
    Founder of La Commune - currently launching our Montréal space!