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Lev Kaupas

Funenpark 1, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Catalyst of great initiatives. "We believe that by collaborating we are able to help each other grow and shape our small ideas into impressive initiatives. This is the driving force behind Lev Kaupas and the main reason for becoming a member or friend of Lev Kaupas."

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Why coworking at Lev Kaupas?

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    I Coworking at Lev Kaupas

    It's a creative crowd of people, passionate about their work, willing to think along, work their ass off, and have a chat over coffee in between. So, it's a nice balance of co-working (getting things done) and having fun (feel at home, have a laugh), sharing ideas, helping eachother grow their business, setting up events and projects together. Personally, I think there should be more Lev Kaupas venues in Amsterdam, three at the least!

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