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Protein Studio

Level 3/2 Lacey street , 2010 Surry Hills, Australia

*Special offer*

Rent a Hot Desk for 4 weeks and recieve your 5th week on-the-house! In other words FREE!!

Protein Studio provides a unique creative collaborative enviroment for designers and developers of multi-disciplinary media in Surry Hills, Sydney.

The studio offers limited hotdesk placements for individuals and small business partners in the creative and development industries. Contact us if you would like to view the studio. (5 minutes from Central Station and Crown Street, Surry Hills).

HOT DESKS Individual Desks/Spots for freelance ‘Creatives’ or ‘Geeks’ in the main studio area. Perfect for those that need a community space to play in and get access to larger resources.

PANIC DESKS For those that need a very short term spot in the studio at the last minute to accomodate a visit to Sydney or a client meeting – Panic desks are available at short notice for individual days.

SHORT TERM/LONG TERM If you require a longer period and want to settle your feet under the carpet – come talk to us about either short or long term rental periods for negotiated areas.

OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE Some office space comes up from time to time for smaller companies who want a little privacy.

For more information please contact the us at or on 02 9212 2630.

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