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Skylight Coworking

214 Bridge St., 19460 Phoenixville, PA, Pennsylvania, United States

Skylight Coworking is a collaborative coworking environment. Our businesses include creative freelancers and technology entrepreneurs who are bold enough to operate independently but crave a friendly, collaborative workspace.

Our very awesome workspace is located at 214 Bridge Street in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. We operate in a cool downtown environment among many popular restaurants, bars, pubs, galleries, shops, spas, and recreation areas.

If you are interested in hanging out with the smart folks at Skylight Coworking, please email us at

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Skylight Coworking LLC

214 Bridge Street

Phoenixville, PA 19406

phone 484 802 2638


Shannon Coghlan Reiss, Executive Director

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Twitter @skylightcowork




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