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The Grove

71 Orange St, 06510 New Haven, United States

The Grove is a new kind of space encouraging and supporting people in their work and the development of the new ideas that are solving the social, environmental, economic, and urban problems we face today. The Grove is more than just a space, it is a dynamic community of social innovators, independents, artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers that are the new face of New Haven.

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Why coworking at The Grove?

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    I Coworking at The Grove

    because there are so many people I would never run into outside this space; the community and shared creativity it breeds is contagious!

  • I Coworking at The Grove

    I love the collaboration we have @Grovenhv. Never have I needed assistance or had a question when there wasn't a "Grover" around able and willing to help. We have endeavored to create a community and not just a space. The Grove is a place for collaboration and co-creation.

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