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The HIVE@44 Business Coworking

1710 Fenpark Dr., 63026 Fenton, United States

Hive44 is a pioneering coworking community of creative and ambitious business people in Fenton, Mo. (St. Louis County) with opening seating, dedicated desks and office space available for rent by day, week or month. We combine this with business development clinics and networking and social events for our members. We pride ourselves on the diversified community of entreprenuers and small business we are building.

Managers at The HIVE@44 Business Coworking

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Why coworking at The HIVE@44 Business Coworking?

  • Always vibrant, the co-working community, and continual events being offered to the community, along with a cold diet pepsi.

  • A unique work environment where a small business can meet other businesses to network, co-habitate, and bounce ideas off each other.

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    The HIVE@44 has been officially opened for 5 months and we have 31 members at different levels. I love working with my members, they are a group of extraordinary entrepreneurs and small business owners, who are always at the ready when other members need advice. I love the synergy and the collaboration that is happening here. Working together, yet each of us on individual projects and having a great time while doing it! Gotta LOVE Coworking!

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    Life in Festus is great, but the bulk of my work takes me into St. Louis. To maintain an office outside my home office would be costly, but the HIVE @44 gives me an opportunity to catch up on things that need my immediate attention while away from home, such as printing or faxing documents, meeting clients in a business atmosphere, and making a few phone calls.

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    Becoming a member at the Hive 44 has really improved my business time. I have less distractions. It has allowed the opportunity to meet lots of other business owners to network with. There is an abundance of meeting's that happen at the Hive44, & i can attend them, while i'm working on my business. Highly recommend that you come visit. Thanks

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    Because I achieve more, with the same amount of time. Because I enjoy my neighbors, and collaboration co-working creates. Because every aspect of my life has been positively affected by co-working.

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    Great place, with fun and energetic people, looking to expand our businesses with cooperative synergy.

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