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The Surf Office

Calle Portugal, 35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

Imagine an island, where you can find inspiring and creative people, start working on your ideas, turn them into reality while simultaneously enjoying your daily life.
Our home is a spacious house where we sleep, work and relax.
Peace & quiet to do your job surrounded by the magical beauty of the island.

Managers at The Surf Office

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Why coworking at The Surf Office?

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    I Coworking at The Surf Office

    because is just amazing - you have great conditions for your daily work and as you are next to the beach, you can always grab a surfboard a go to surf. That's the reason why are so many happy people there.

  • I Coworking at The Surf Office

    It is a place where everyone who wants can find the perfect balance between work, social life and especialy be in touch with beautiful and powerful nature every day, and so reach the most important thing in life .... "find your own wave", and be absolutely happy :)

  • I Coworking at The Surf Office

    Coworking on the beach (!). It speaks for itself.

  • I Coworking at The Surf Office

    Oh yeaaah.. The Surf office is mine.. Real living, not just surviving.. Once I heard: "Successful person is the one, who get up in the morning, asleep in the evening and between, he does what he wants." This is the way I have lived the life at the Surf office, where I found out that even working life can be much more interesting than I thought.. Big thanx to the Surf office..

  • I Coworking at The Surf Office

    It's great place for working and living, everything you need for your daily life is in walking distance - shops, pubs, beach and waves ;-) Michal and Peter are very friendly. I wish I will get back. Aloha

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    I Coworking at The Surf Office

    We live next to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. When we take a break from work, we can just run out and chill in the sand, play beach football or surf.

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