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Theatre Saint Catherine East

St Catherine East, Montreal, Canada

Located in the Heart of Montreal’s Quartier Des Spectacles, Theatre Sainte Catherine is a multi-faceted, performance-centered cultural destination. The 100+ seat theatre presents live theatre, music, film screenings, and comedy most nights of the week. Theatre Sainte Catherine acts as a venue for a number of productions including home-grown cabaret and burlesque acts and the Just For Laughs/Zoofest Festival.

Depending upon your need we can host your company's next team building session, rock concert, open mic, catered party, movie screening, marketing launch and more.

We have a state of the art audio sound system, video projection.

We also include have a SAAQ liquor license that means we can stock up on vodka, gin, rums, beers, coffee, teas, soft drinks and anything upon advanced request. (It's illegal to bring your own or compliment our missing drinking rail- Please let us know what you'd like stocked).

The theatre is the official home of Le Nouveau International, a non-profit arts organization focused on performance. Le Nouveau produces approximately six plays a year; The Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival; Sunday Night Improv; and a semi-regular ‘zine called Makin’ Art. Le Nouveau has developed a reputation for innovative, non-traditional theatre. Dead Pigeons Society was nominated for a Cirque de Soleil meilleure creation originale award in 2010. Christmas in New York won the MECCA award for Best Ensemble in 2009 and the play series, “CAFé CAFé”, was voted one of the Best Plays of the Year by readers of the Montreal Mirror and is about to be released as a feature length film.

Located in Montreal's famous Theater district, this Montreal hosting space offers quality and personalized service just minutes from a variety of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cafes.

Major public transportation is just minutes away for stress-free travel throughout the city. For guests with vehicles, on street parking is available.

Tourist sites nearby include :Festivals and touristic sites near by: Montreal's Place des Arts, Mount Royal, Palais des Congres, Montreal's Underground network, Old Montreal, Chinatown, Latin Quarter, UQAM University.

There is no sleeping over allowed, as we do not have mattresses. A few pullout couches, but not really.

Managers at Theatre Saint Catherine East

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