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Susan Evans

I am one of the co-founders of Office Nomads in Seattle.

Location Seattle
Manager at
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Stories by Susan Evans:

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    I Coworking at OfficeXpats

    because not only do I get to take the ferry to get there, but visiting other coworking spaces in my city is a joy!

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    I Coworking at Office Nomads

    because it restores my faith in humanity. Seriously. The world often seems like a crazy angry place, but then I walk into the office and find genuinely friendly people working on awesome projects all around me.

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    Cofounder of Office Nomads
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    One of the founding members of The Candy Factory. I also design things.
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    Founder of La Commune - currently launching our Montréal space!
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    Sou coach e arquitecta.Sou uma apaixonada pelas pessoas. Adoro gerir o Cowork.Coimbra. Participar...
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    Founder of Deskmag - The Coworking Magazine
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    Wife, mum, freelancer , founder of non profit organization "Uploader"
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    founder WORLDWIDE #JELLYWEEK:, initiator, community builder, project manager...
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    Membership Coordinator for the Agnes Underground.
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    GoodCoworking founder & coworking aficionado