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Bernie J Mitchell

Blogger, New Dorker, Purveyor of Tribes, Inbound Marketing & #Sharingeconomy Radio. I Love People, Macchiato, Argentina, Bowie, Kafka & Super Cool Wife You in?

Skills Inbound Marketing and Events, Podcasting, blogging
Location London
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    I Coworking at @ Work Hubs

    If the cast from "Cheers" did a co-working episode it would happen @Workhubs. This place very welcoming for everyone from Geek to accountant to freelancer. It is also located very near St. Pancras (for the Eurostar) Euston, Euston Square and Warren St stations which makes ideal for meeting people.

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    I Coworking at Innovation Warehouse London

    Out of all the "techie start up" things in London this is the most well thought out one and they even have a cat. There is a feeling of "some real work being done" here rather people drinking designer coffee while waiting for the next press conference and photo opportunity.

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    I Coworking at Innovation@90 Main Yard

    Friendly open space where you can both chat and get your head down and work. The table in the kitchen area is great for eating together and connecting with people. Being at the top of the building means LOADS of natural light too. The thing that REALLY seals the deal with this place here is the choice of Burger Van or restaurant downstairs - both delicious.