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Traveling a creative path for 7 years. Written, produced and star in a edgy music comedy show. I love social networks. I enjoy being in the limelight, hosting parties,being a matchmaker and listening to people's dating stories. I have spent 3 yrs working on a concept for a edgy new dating social site. I am outspoken and bold, tell it straight from my core. You get the straight up fact on my Internet chat. I am naturally a warm nurturing person. Talented in the gift of gab, people like me. " Well seasoned and marinated in many creative flavors of life." Aspire to become a Philantropist. Hosting parties for causes, having fun making a difference in the world. The gem of my life is my daughter. Lover of children, people, food and art. I love to smile.

Location New York
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Stories by BonfireLana: