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Rachael Wishart

I indulge in creative spaces that allow me to keep evolving my work through inspiration. I love working for this coworking space, Silicon Valley Pad, as it nurtures my passions and interests through collaborated networks.

Interests Meetups, Music, Startup, Tech
Location Menlo Park
Manager at
Networks twitter twitter

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  • I Coworking at Silicon Valley Pad

    Silicon Valley Pad has a wonderfully creative flowing environment. Join the likes of entrepreneurs and fellow tech startups to induce a resourceful work attitude and space.

  • Vesna Tomic requested
  • Matthias Wiemann requested
    GoodCoworking founder & coworking aficionado
  • Vasiliy Bolshakov requested
    founder of small but pretty nice coworking in Phuket, Thailand. Look at the "Manager at" section.