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Diogo Neves

I am a can-do seasoned with go-getter kind of person, who loves new challenges, learning, coding, cities and music (thanks Spotify!).

Location Cambridge
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Stories by Diogo Neves:

  • Matthias Wiemann requested
    GoodCoworking founder & coworking aficionado
  • Nicolas Raphael requested
    I'm the co-founder of abTeamUp, where Small Business Owners collaborate to grow. It's where you c...
  • Sky Apperley requested
    JavaScript and mobile apps.
  • Jürgen Scholz requested
  • Eduarda Melo requested
    Sou coach e arquitecta.Sou uma apaixonada pelas pessoas. Adoro gerir o Cowork.Coimbra. Participar...
  • Manuel Bento requested
    Técnico de Audiovisuais
  • Ed Goodman requested
    Owner of Cambridge Business Lounge, an exciting new opportunity for start-ups and small businesse...
  • Fernando requested
  • I work for Crunch Accounting who specialise in freelancers, contractors and SME's.