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My work is motivated by our forms of living, which on the whole seem unbelievable. My aim is not to give answers or show how things should be seen. But to create an inter subjective contact, my aim is not appeal to masses. Instead of controlling the audience I try to awaken each individuals' own images, experiences, thoughts. With the most direct of medium, my own thoughts. I realize simple and self created signs. My work is not about professional skills or practices but about that which is common to all: the ability to think, instead of knowing how I concentrate on the realization process of novel idea. My work is not about producing a product but about inner metamorphoses. My works do not refer to their own inner characteristics but to the thoughts they awake. Life I a state of mind!

Location Belgrade
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    Waldemar YDF in Belgrade, have a space for coworking for you... :)

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    Hope people will figure out quickly that synergy in the space bringing synergy in work and in results too... And that process is very natural...

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    I Coworking

    Already made couple of contacts to share idea about new project i have in organisation....

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    I Coworking

    inspiration in every single story, no matter how short or long it is... Great thing expecialy cause i dont use other social nets... :)

  • I Coworking at In Centar

    ... great people and oportunities to learn and help...