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Emilia Kuziemska

World Citizen. Explorer of People & Places.

Location Philadelphia

Emilia Kuziemska loves coworking at 1 Coworking Space:

Stories by Emilia Kuziemska:

  • Alex Hillman requested
    Alex is the co-founder of Indy Hall, one of the world’s most respected coworking communities with...
  • Hila Ratzabi requested
    I'm freelance editor and writer working with publishers and independent authors to make their pro...
  • Adam Teterus requested
    Point Man @IndyHall, TA for the Community Builder Masterclass. Consumer of comics, conspirer for...
  • Maya Northen requested
    Travel planner, business owner, adventurer, explorer, wandering spirit, extrovert, animal lover, ...
  • Max Minkoff requested
    Wants to know too much about your startup.
  • Tall, bald, english, techie, part time photographer. I worship food.
  • Sean Martorana requested
    I curate my art along with others to offices, homes and creative/ coworking spaces to make a more...
  • Parker Whitney requested
    I love working in Philadelphia.