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Eric van den Broek

Founder of Mutinerie, a coworking space in Paris

Location Paris
Manager at
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    GoodCoworking founder & coworking aficionado
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    Founder of La Commune - currently launching our Montréal space!
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    Freelance, editor, blogger, coworking loveuse :) Co-founder of Atelier des medias, Lyon, France
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    Founder of Deskmag - The Coworking Magazine
  • President of Chambé-Carnet, we are creating a coworking space at Chambéry, in the alps !
  • Cofounder of Mutinerie.
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    Comunication, Marketing and Expansion Manager @utopic_US
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    Wife, mum, freelancer , founder of non profit organization "Uploader"
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    founder WORLDWIDE #JELLYWEEK:, initiator, community builder, project manager...
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    Co-founder of @Work Hubs. A unique pay by the hour work space with no contract!!!
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    Freelance Designer in Germany and France. Creation, Print, Web
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    Bacely Yorobi is a young Ivorian WebActivist and Internet Strategist - Founder and CEO of SOCIALS...