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Jean Luc Houédanou

Web Consultant, designer & blogger ( in other words, I make a lot of cool stuff on the interwebs) . Views are my own

Location Abidjan
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  • I Coworking at AMN Coworking

    My very first coworkingspace experience. I'm crashing there every time I want to get things done. It has a nice/artsy environnement and the wifi connection is blazing fast.

  • Fernando Carvalho requested
  • Mark Hooper requested
    coworking catalyst - founder of indycube - a Welsh coworking community interest company. Work at ...
  • Zack Berman requested
    Co-founder of @Work Hubs. A unique pay by the hour work space with no contract!!!
  • Julie Vallance requested
    I have been with dbs for over 9 years. I enjoy the variety of the role, building relationships wi...
  • Angelo requested
    I currently work for Crunch. We specialise in looking after the accounting needs of freelancers, ...
  • Leon Wladislawoski requested