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Leslie Schneider

I've been a student of community for a long time... first as a co-founder of a cohousing community near downtown Seattle, and now as a co-founder of coworking on an island a 35-min boat ride from Seattle. I'm also looking forward to living less than a block away from our office in a One Planet-endorsed community (it will be a year or two before this happens).

Location Bainbridge Island
Manager at

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  • I Coworking at OfficeXpats

    because I get to know our wonderful island community in a deep and meaningful way! Everywhere I go now, I run into members or people who have used this space for events and I know something about what they are up to in the world. Many of them have shown incredible generosity to this coworking space.

  • Alexandre Grenier requested
    Founder of La Commune - currently launching our Montréal space!
  • Jürgen Scholz requested
  • Vasiliy Bolshakov requested
    founder of small but pretty nice coworking in Phuket, Thailand. Look at the "Manager at" section.