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Muriel Salvan

Passionate freelance developer, Ruby/Rails expert, Founder of X-Aeon Solutions and rivierarb meetups, Blogger, Elder Scrolls addict

Skills Web development, rails, Ruby, Project Management, C/C++
Interests rails, Ruby, Fractals, Neural networks, Astronomy, Elder Scrolls
Location Nice
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  • Alexandre Grenier requested
    Founder of La Commune - currently launching our Montréal space!
  • Jürgen Scholz requested
  • Thomas Standhaft requested
    Freelance Designer in Germany and France. Creation, Print, Web
  • Nicolas Bergé requested
    Coworker sans peur. Entrepreneur sans reproches. Gardien des clefs de l'Etoile de la Mort. Tête p...
  • President of Chambé-Carnet, we are creating a coworking space at Chambéry, in the alps !