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Nicolas Raphael

I'm the co-founder of abTeamUp, where Small Business Owners collaborate to grow. It's where you can work together, share skills, get qualified referrals, gain support and reduce isolation. We want to expand into coworking soon and fully support the concepts behind it. Right now, you can create a free profile to promote your business and it’ll help you to be found by search engines. You can offer tasters of your service to other members so they can see how good you are – and try out services you might have a need for, from Accountants to Zen Masters. You can develop your own close professional network that you can rely on and who know they can trust you enough to refer your business to their clients and friends. If you need support from people in your own field, or advice from a professional with skills completely different to your own, you’ll be able to find it. You may even be able to cut your costs by trading services.

Location London

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