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Owen Zanzal

Developer and Designer working at Click2Mail. I also organize a weekly coworking jelly.

Skills Web design, graphic design, Programming
Interests PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Ruby, java
Location Charlottesville
Networks facebook facebook

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Stories by Owen Zanzal:

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    I Coworking

    because real social networking is not about Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and Linkedin connections. It's about going out and talking to real people face to face and creating real professional connections.

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    I Coworking

    because you make connections that you would never get by only working in an office.

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    I Coworking at HackCville

    because they are a great community and understand what good coworking is about.

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    coworking catalyst - founder of indycube - a Welsh coworking community interest company. Work at ...