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Philip Dodson

Co founder of @Work Hubs, our first location is now open at Euston, London. The ultimate in flexible workspace - work, meet, share, collaborate, network & thrive. Simply pay by the hour.

Interests collaboration, co-working, Cloud It, VoIp, Networking, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Workspace, Blogs
Location London
Manager at
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  • I Coworking at @ Work Hubs

    We wanted to let all you GoodCoworkers that we are offering a free Friday all day tomorrow, come & see us, try the hub. Look forward to seeing you.

  • I Coworking at @ Work Hubs

    Just had a great meeting Russel Lux of teliqo about the future of telecoms - one number multiple devices fantastic app, truly amazing

  • I Coworking

    Our first visitor said "@workhubs came to my rescue. I got to Euston Station having forgotten to bring the printouts of my tickets to Birmingham. On the way up to London, I looked up various internet cafés on the internet but found on arrival that the nearest one was now a clothes shop or something. I found @workhubs and called in asking to print my ticket.The guys there were most helpful, allowing me to use a terminal and print out the tickets. They did not charge me anything."

  • I Coworking at @ Work Hubs

    Great coworking space, right by Euston station, free coffee & WiFi, pay by the hour!!!!