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Hi there,I am Sherry. I can offer you co-working space in Shanghai.Our members include freelancers,designers,programmers etc. They come from all over the world.

Skills co-working
Location Shanghai
Manager at

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  • We are software engineers, designers, creatives, entrepreneurs. Mix of foreign and local people. We talk, hang out together, brainstorm and look for mutual opportunities. Some of us work as freelancers, some have their employees.

  • I Coworking

    Agora Space is a international co-working & private office in Shanghai Xuhui district. If you are starting up a business, or freelancing in Shanghai, Agora space is the best environment for you to work. Agora Space is a coworking space that allows small businesses and individuals to work in a friendly and comfortable environment. At Agora Space, you have the best elements of a coffee shop (social, comfortable) and a workspace (quiet, productive) combined in one space.

  • I Coworking at Agora Space

    They're cool!

  • I Coworking

    at Agora Space in Shanghai. That's an absolutely cool place with free coffee and nice people from all over the world.

  • I Coworking

    I love Agora Space, Shanghai.