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Steve Dimmick

Steve Dimmick is MD of @dimmicks; The Home of Video Job Ads Online. I also provide online sales and marketing consultancy. Get in touch.

Skills social media, recruitment, recruiter, recruiting, HR, Human Resources, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Online Marketing
Interests Welsh Rugby, Cymraeg, Birds of Prey, CardiffRead Book Club, Ignite Cardiff
Location Cardiff
Networks twitter twitter facebook facebook linkedin linkedin

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  • I Coworking at Indycube Castle Quarter

    It's close to home and right in the middle of our amazing city. My 'commute' involves walking through one of the prettiest parks in the UK. Congestion is when TWO squirrels cross my path.

  • Mark Hooper requested
    coworking catalyst - founder of indycube - a Welsh coworking community interest company. Work at ...
  • Angelo requested
    I currently work for Crunch. We specialise in looking after the accounting needs of freelancers, ...