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Talent Garden

TAG is a co-working global network where ideas and interests converge in challenging and inspiring ways, a place where brilliant and talented minds can connect, grow and blossom. “Co-working” doesn't fully define what TAG is about. It isn't merely the sharing of a physical workspace and its costs; our emphasis is on sharing ideas, objectives, hopes, inspiration and even common daily life routines. TAG is a "PASSION WORKING SPACE". The Talent Garden local network offers, according to the "italian style", flexible workspace, access to a vibrant community, the resources of a global mind, the energy and the shared knowledge of a tech conference room, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all in one place.

Skills TAG is focused on digital and communication
Location Pisa

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  • I Coworking at Talent Garden Milan

    TAG Milan is the largest coworking space in Europe! In TAG Milan you can find the most important italian startup...and much more! TAG Milan is part of TALENT GARDEN an italian network of local campuses.