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Titia Bruning

Location Amsterdam
Manager at
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    I Coworking at Knowmads Greenhouse

    because of...Hmmm, good question! It has to do with the vibe. Just check out yourself! ;)

  • I Coworking

    'Cause it gives you SO MUCH more than just working alone from home. Knowmads Greenhouse is a space to grow together. Both a coworking-space and learning community ( what gives an unique mix. Come along and find out!

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    I Coworking at Knowmads Greenhouse

    because of the great energy of the mingling of both students and social entrepreneurs. Every day is totally different, with unique chances to cocreate. It's a place were things emerge. A grand playground. Love to be there!

  • I Coworking at Knowmads Greenhouse

    because it's all about cocreation in a learning invironment. It's connected with Knowmads business school. Entrepreneurs and international students mingle together what gives a great energy. There is a lot of space and the athmospere is... just awesome!