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Zack Berman

Co-founder of @Work Hubs. A unique pay by the hour work space with no contract!!!

Skills Customer Service, Sales, Ideas
Interests Business, Learning, & Football
Location London
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Stories by Zack Berman:

  • Philip Dodson requested
    Co founder of @Work Hubs, our first location is now open at Euston, London. The ultimate in fl...
  • Matthias Wiemann requested
    GoodCoworking founder & coworking aficionado
  • Gethin Jones requested
    Welsh guy willing to talk about most things ... recent uni graduate in Civil and Environmental En...
  • Janelle Doll requested
  • Dragan requested
    My work is motivated by our forms of living, which on the whole seem unbelievable. My aim is not ...
  • Mark Hooper requested
    coworking catalyst - founder of indycube - a Welsh coworking community interest company. Work at ...
  • Creative/Entrepreneur from Scotland living in Stratford ON.
  • Ismael Abdoul requested
    Computer Engineer
  • Thomas Standhaft requested
    Freelance Designer in Germany and France. Creation, Print, Web
  • Alexandre Grenier requested
    Founder of La Commune - currently launching our Montréal space!
  • Geertje requested
    I help organizations/companies show their remarkableness to the public • create distinctive conte...
  • Herwinto Sutantyo requested
  • Wojtek Kruszewski requested
  • Evona Niewiadomska requested
  • Web Consultant, designer & blogger ( in other words, I make a lot of cool stuff on the interwebs...
  • Goran Roksandic requested
  • Valentin Squirelo requested
  • Malcolm Parry requested
  • Sébastien Lucas requested
  • Todd Luhtanen requested
  • Dario Albini requested
    Visual Designer, Owner at Atabaliba Studio, President Italian Association of Illustrators (2008-2...
  • James Rock requested
    DesignThinker, Imagineer and passionate about designing great services. See our website at: www.d...
  • coworking requested
  • Chris Zobrist requested
  • Maxime requested
  • backLanes requested
    backLanes is a not-for-profit initiative witch gives you alternate path to relocate, start your...
  • Marina requested
  • nicola palmarini requested > > > > In 2012 I wrote a book about coworking: "Working vs. coworking: socia...
  • Cofounder of Mutinerie.
  • Corentin Cremet requested
  • Hanane requested
  • Rachael Phillips requested
    Writer, journalist, blogger, creative strategist...
  • Fatima requested
    Originally Iraqi, live in the UK, original in my making and thinking, love fashion and makeup, pr...
  • Abigail Phillips requested
  • Samse Christian requested
    Co-founder at Wink
  • Gary Walpole requested
  • Eduarda Melo requested
    Sou coach e arquitecta.Sou uma apaixonada pelas pessoas. Adoro gerir o Cowork.Coimbra. Participar...
  • Tim Heyes requested
    Regular worker at IndyCube Cardiff
  • Fay Wilkinson requested
    Marketing manager of a new coworking space in Nottingham
  • Carl Morris requested
  • Dafydd Evans requested
    Admin and Marketing at Timeless Touch Ltd - Music Education Centre
  • Anni Roolf requested
    founder WORLDWIDE #JELLYWEEK:, initiator, community builder, project manager...
  • Julie Vallance requested
    I have been with dbs for over 9 years. I enjoy the variety of the role, building relationships wi...
  • Angelo requested
    I currently work for Crunch. We specialise in looking after the accounting needs of freelancers, ...
  • Chad Balantyne requested
  • Eric van den Broek requested
    Founder of Mutinerie, a coworking space in Paris