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I Coworking at
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  • I Coworking at Koh Space

    because I love the beach atmosphere and availability to get my work done at the same time!

  • I Coworking at Playworking

    I can see why co-working is catching on so quickly. The backdrop, facilities, and location make this a place I could stay and work at for a long time. Jeffrey & Bojan are complete professionals. I came during a sort of trial period, and needless to say, they were kind and welcoming hosts. My highest recommendation.

  • I Coworking at Playworking

    As designer of the project, I am bias, but the reason I love it here is the interior design is compelling and comfortable and very conducive to working. Montenegro is really affordable and low stress and anywhere your eye falls there is a stunning view. There is so much to do right outside the door, it’s easy to balance work and play. Our slogan was borrowed from Michael Bodekaer's TED talk: Playworking, where fun, health and happiness go hand-in-hand with big ambitions.

  • I Coworking

    porque nos hizo crear en la palabra sinergia, colaboración, compartir. En los proyectos inesperados y en la buena gente con mejor energia.

  • I Coworking at Club 567

    Gorgeous working and social environment in the heart of Madrid! Just love it!

  • I Coworking at Agora Space

    Hi Lee. See here! This is what I own you. About 3 weeks ago, my supplier betray me(F*ck ), and Agora Space helped me to find a new company and continue my career. Special thank to Lee(she is a office manager in Agora Space), you really my lucky girl.

  • I Coworking at

    I am one of the co-founders and it's such an awesome community!

  • I Coworking

  • I Coworking at Phuket STASH

    Digital nomad's dream - live and work near sea :-)

  • I Coworking at IgnitedSpaces

    They just added 2400sq. ft of awesomeness!

  • I Coworking at La Gare

    Just check out the place, at least their website ( ) and you'll understand!

  • I Coworking at La Gare

    Coworking will never get as pleasant as at La Gare! The place is beautiful and the people behind the project are really close to the startup community. This last week-end the space hosted le défi technovation an international competiton involving girls aged 10 to 18 creating a mobile app.

  • I Coworking at Rambla Work Center

    A very pleasant to work and share your ideas in the city center, well connected and with extensive services (banks, city hall, restaurants and shops) . You can also enjoy the beautiful weather of the city of Alicante on the shores of the Mediterranean. It offers a relaxation area, coffee-break, meeting room projector,...

  • I Coworking at CoLab Hive

    Beautiful space, but more importantly amazing people who are a pleasure to work with! They have been very encouraging and supportive as I work to get a new business of the ground- proud to be a part!

  • I Coworking at Agnes Underground

    Large open space with lounge and gym! Everyone is so welcoming and helpful. There is a strong sense of community among so many independent workers. They are also very dog friendly :)

  • I Coworking at Coworkingness

    Nice, bright space in the center of Poznań, with a good atmosphere & facilities and friendly staff (:

  • I Coworking at Syracuse CoWorks

    The location is perfect, the space itself if gorgeous, and the people are awesome.

  • I Coworking at La Gare

    Just opened and Founder Institute is already giving invaluable advice to 10+ Montreal Startups!

  • I Coworking at Écoworking

    still 2 years it feels like the first day! Friendly, effective, cool, new, openminded and like a family! Thank you all for this moments.